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Art Gallery Daleman owns an interesting collection for art lending.
This is the perfect system for anyone who likes to change their works of art regularly. Your interior will be given a different appearance if you replace some works of art, and the same applies to offices and reception areas. We have made it easy for you to browse the whole collection below. The lease term is 6 months and you can then always decide to extend the period, to exchange works of art or temporarily to stop borrowing artwork. No obligation, just a great selection.

How does art lending work?
In the description of each artwork the price of this work is mentioned. The rental price is 3% per month of this purchase price. For you 2% is reserved as savings and 1% is the actual rental amount. When renting another artwork or when changing the current work, the previous 2% is simply included in your savings. This savings is valid for 2 years and you can then spend it on the purchase of a borrowed work of art or on another work of art from our collection. The savings cannot be paid out. The one-off registration cost of €25 is for handling and administration costs.
Optionally, you can pay by direct debit per month, quarterly or every 6 months. As an art lending customer, we automatically keep you informed of collection changes and offers. Would you like more information?
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Art loan


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